Welcome to the collection The Living Style Desk Pad came alive. An A3 size (double the size of the magazine!) landscape desk pad for you to jot, doodle, list, note, scribble and create on. Containing 50 sheets of paper, you can use the desk pad daily, weekly or even monthly to capture your thoughts, ideas and admirations. With unique sections that corresponded to our magazine such as, fashion, lifestyle and planning you tailour the desk pad to your lifestyle and work. 


The Living Style Desk Pad is decorated with a pale pomegranate pink colour throughout bringing a sense of brightness with a slight refined tone. The purpose of the pad is to allow you to keep active, prepared and organised. The classified sections grant you to do this in your own unique style! I was always on the lookout for a pad that co-ordinated both fashion, life planning and that gave me encouragement, I think this pad does all of these.


Made to sit on your desk, to be put on the wall or even by your beside it is designed to be right by you at home or at work to support you with planning and decision making. Read more information on The Living Style Desk Pad over on our blog post HERE.


Sections include: Fashion Appetite Agenda, Sparkling Not Sweating, Self-Care List, Social Media Content, Weekly Goals & My Memo



The Living Style Desk Pad

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