Welcome to Femme Country Magazine! Why not get your collection off to a start with our first edition! Featuring some of our favourite brands such as Holland Cooper, Wild & Westbrooke and Schoffel and topped off with New Year's Fashion Resolutions section, it's a must read if you haven't read Femme before!


Released officially on the 28th January 2019 you will be receiving our first ever issue and we promise it's full of new fashion and country news and lifestyle posts along with some amazing countrylife writers and journalists. If you're wanting to read more about the issue before purchasing check out our blog post all about our first release here 'Femme Release.'



2019 was our first year as a brand and so the 2019 issues are extremely special and packed with so much content along with some inspirational brands, fashion advice and extraordinary people. As this was our first issue it is collectable so start your collection now from the beginning!


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Issue 1: Spring 2019

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