Femme Petite S/S 2021: The portable, business magazine connecting you to founders in the country sector 


Hmmm the smell of print in the atmosphere and the feeling of new pages in your hands, it's time to reveal something new! Take a seat and let me introduce you to the upcoming pages of Femme Petite.


Femme Country Magazine brought you into the world of retail, fashion collections, brand stories, interiors and much more. Where Femme Country allows you to envision yourself inside the country aura. Femme Petite allows you to gain insight into the behind the scenes work of the founders that brought you your favourite labels. Our upcoming magazine allows you to correlate and seize their inspiration as well as understand the hurdles alongside their initiatives.


With an A5 size, Femme Petite is a portable, business diary in the form of a magazine working to inspire and assist your business planning and, help you connect to the country brands you love on a much personal level. From intimate founder interviews to guidance on starting your own label, we've made a magazine to stimulate your business senses and activate your drive in the country sector. 


Choose from two contrasting covers! 

  • Ellie Wales: The Young Face of Fashion (Founder of Whale of a Time Clothing)
  • Suffolk Sisters Alice Turner & Rosie Leet-Cook (Founders of Hicks & Brown)


As a female who started with a simple idea on paper back in 2018, I looked up to other women in the industry and captivated every ounce of drive, originality and imagination I could. I don't see people as competition, I recognise each individual as a link in a chain of connectivity with which to seek advice, inspiration and laughter from. I hope Femme Petite will introduce you to that spark of creativity inside you that just says "go for it!"


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Femme Petite S/S 21: Whale of a Time Cover

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