Winter Issue: Clare Haggas

Finally, I can release the Winter Issue to you all and an issue which by far has the best front cover! Clare Haggas is truly phenomenal and after working with her I have been truly inspired both work wise and in general. Other than being absolutely gorgeous on our front cover she is the epitome of strength. Front covers for me are always difficult to conjure up but I just knew after speaking with her she had to be the front cover feature. This issue is more than just a Christmas read its a lifetime read (with a few Christmas sparkles thrown in here and there!) Every brand story, every advert, every photograph has a unique background and I love it all. Since it’s release, which was much earlier that expected thanks to my printers, who gave me an early Christmas present, this meant I could get the pre-order issues sent out straight away! Christmas time is always busy however, I’ve even found time to sit down and read this issue myself properly without being in the editing stage stressing out haha!

With extras and newbies in the magazine such as the cuisine section, which Charlotte has superbly kicked off with a gorgeous array of Christmas recipes. With our new writers, Debbie Tavendale, Poppi Lowe and Carla Binder it is exciting to see our team grow and become a much larger family. I think for you as readers as well its nice for you to connect with more writers who you are similar to. Debbie has written and excellent Equestrian feature all about what you and your horse should be wearing during the cold, so for all you horsey lovers out there I’m sure this will be right up your bridlepath!

I’m am super excited to introduce our new illustration, drawn by The Fancy Pheasant, which includes an ‘F’ with little drawings all to do with Femme inside, it’s super cute! It features on the inside page (Page 2) of the Winter Issue in A4 and it looks beautiful. I am so proud of who we are what I’ve built so I think this is a lovely drawing to include and sum up our team as well as you all as readers and your interests, which are what I focus on! So whilst, it’s a little gift for me, the issue is really for all of you!

Each issue is bonded by recycled string and some were finished with a little stone engraved with an ‘F’ on it. It was a trial for this year, however I think it will be the new look for the packaging! Whilst speaking on improvements for the magazine I’d also like to talk to you all about 2020, as it draws in quickly. You will be seeing a lot of change including a slight name change (oooohhh) and a new website, where you will be able to purchase any of our issues quickly and efficiently. I have had this idea since the beginning however, I wanted to see the development of Femme before I decided on this however, with more readers than ever before I think this will be a positive jump for us and a better experienced with us for you! This will mean purchasing and adding into your basket online any issue you’d like as well as starting up your own subscription without going through myself first. This will also mean more goodies for Subscribers and more leaflets and extras from Femme, which is also a bonus!

The online blog will not be removed so don’t worry if you read us online, we’ll still be here. We will have a blog page and an extra website for you to purchase all your fave issues on. I’d also love to get you all involved in the blog, so if you feel you’d like to write for the blog about the magazine or any interest/passion let me know via email or social media and we’ll get you writing in no time! The blog needs more of your voice as readers and I think this will be great for others to read and feel connected within the Femme community.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the magazine in our birth year of 2019, we have grown so much as a small business and it’s very emotional to see. Whether you’ve bought a magazine, supported us on social media, shared our name, or come to one of our events you are very special to us and we hope we can keep the relationship with you as we move into 2020.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I’ll be back in the New Year with exciting news regarding the Spring 2020 Issue!

Lots of Love,

Brontë x

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