Valentine's Day in York

With thousands of couples celebrating Valentine's Day, York became at the small city which made a huge difference to this day of love and here's how...

'The Minster's 'Heart of Yorkshire' window became York's beacon as it looked over many love struck couples today'

York Minster

Today seemed more special than any as the streets of York were lit up with pink hearts, flowers and lovers in restaurants with intertwining hands, this means it can only be one thing... Valentine's Day. Whether you love it or hate it I can guarantee any of you would have loved the sight of York today. With the sun out for a change many shops had decorated their windows in style and catered their products to suit this memorable day.


As I walked into 'The Yorkshire Soap Company', down Blake Street, the scents of rose petals, strawberries and vanilla instantly filled the air and a sea of red, pink and white roses coated the array of soaps that filled the cake stands. I love this store when it's not Valetine's however, today it appeared more magical then ever. They adapted their soap cupcakes adding roses to compliment the iced cream foam that sat on top and even dressed the store window with red hearts and chandeliers, which looked stunning under the sunlight. Plus with bubbles coming out of their shop it's hard not to love.


The Ivy

A lot of people relate Valentine's to partners, couples and lovers however, I seem to associate Valentine's with relationships as a whole and this relates to friendships and the general kindness of people, and this was something The Ivy achieved exceptionally well. Outside their front doors was an array of roses wrapped in brown paper attached with a small Valentine's Card from their team. Now although we are still in Winter the sight of the roses piled stood in old wooden boxes brought a sense of Spring to the city and gave a glow to the street. They were being handed out for free to tourists, York citizens and even young children. Not just giving a rose but passing over an element of love and kindness to strangers. Roses are the common symbol of love and romance and to see so many on the street and in the arms of people passing was a truly beautiful thing.


Meanwhile more commercially Fenwicks really got into the swing of pink for Valentine's displaying not just items such as fragrances and champagne but also showing off their pretty in pink clothing range. Items included a Paul Smith tailored jacket with a pink under collar and black buttons on the sleeves, a lovely garment for the season. It's Burgundy pink silk lining also gave it an extra Valentine look. At the same time, downstairs in the food and drink section of the department store was a table with an arrangement of alcoholic beverages (hmmm!). 'York Gin's' Roman Fruit contrasted with it's pink liquid to the 'York Gin' Cocoa gin making the table look extremely desirable for any partner. For me however, it was the mini bottles of Moët & Chandon with their pink foil that brought out the inner champagne lover in me, and for only £12.00 they became extra divine.


So, for any one who missed today or was in another city I'm glad I left you with a few pictures and a description of just how romantic, in many different ways, York made today.

Lots of Love,

Brontë Clare

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