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As we all know 2020 has changed very quickly. We are now sat in a world where things are progressing overnight and people are at risk. As the Editor of Femme, I'm here to shed some light on the situation and bring you all the up to date information and gossip on our new Spring Issue as well as talk about what is going to happen within the Femme Family.

Of course, I can only start by saying how proud I am about the release of our new Spring Issue 2020. Since work began on the issue before Christmas, it's content has been my every thought, dream and idea - and now that you have it in your hands I can reveal just how exciting the pages are! From our front cover (more on this later!) to our back page, it truly is an issue inspired by courageous women, standout brands and our generations. A theme I have really pushed this year is spotlighting a transition from old to new. Charlotte's feature, based on her 92 year-old Uncle, shines a light on how our retired generation are creating new items from old traditions. Charlotte tells the story from an interview perspective which really allows you as the readers to delve into his life from a first person angle and essentially put yourself in his shoes as a creator. Another feature I've loved working on is the York Fashion Week, Silver & Sassy event where our older silver haired models show how to style and look good whatever age you are. To me this is the epitome of what Femme promotes, women with a passion to support other women - you'll notice this is what I thrive off when I think of feature ideas. When it comes to the country industry e.g. farming, land, animals and business its stereotypical that these are jobs for men - Evie Atterby (one of our newest writers!) explains that this is not and shouldn't be the case in our society. I can honestly say for her first feature with us she has gone above and beyond, believe me you'll be seeing her name a lot in the next coming issues!

So... the front cover! The front cover came about from my own eagerness to know about this brand but also a close team effort. I was approached by Louise at Cock & Hare Yorkshire last year just as she was starting up her apparel business but, it wasn't until she launched that I wanted to know everything about it! Where it came from? What the ideas for the logo were? And most of all... why was it in everyones wardrobes?! Honestly if you're an editor you'll know the frustration about not getting the answers you want - for me when it's about fashion this is so annoying! So when it came to Cock & Hare I knew what I needed to do - get her in the Spring Issue! Of course for any starting up brand it's difficult to know where to place yourself in the magazine - I always suggest that you want a good spread so that readers recognise your brand but also not to much so that they will want to go ahead and research after reading. Louise knew exactly what she wanted - the front cover. Instantly I knew she was a woman of courage and a risk-taker but with pride for her brand which was lovely. I also knew she'd be a great female to work alongside as front covers can get so tricky and do out of the whole magazine make a lot of stress. Some of you may be thinking, "It's one page how can it be that hard?" - honestly just dm Louise she'll back me up! As this was Cock & Hare's first magazine editorial I wanted to get the pitch just right for Louise, she wrote her feature entirely from her own words (with a few editing tips from myself) and the pages were fitting together perfectly! Sam Freeman or canoninthecountry to many of us was an absolute star in aiding to get the front cover perfect so massive thank you from my end, you made my job a lot easier Sam! Also I will never forget giving Louise her first issues and her attempt to not tear up! Links to Cock & Hare Yorkshire's socials and website are at the bottom of this blog post so if you fancy any of the Spring looks in the magazine head to their spaces!

I'd also like to address our brand new website which has been going for less than a month now! I love the fact that all of you have found it easy and accessible especially during the times we are going through now. It's great that you can all enjoy our 2019 issues and our upcoming ones by just clicking and ordering. Since we launched the Spring Issue on Saturday 14th March I have been non-stop packaging up issues and travelling to and from my local Post Office (again helping the local businesses) and it's my favourite part of the launch season - writing personal notes to you all to say thank you! The fact that I can supply a reading experience to you makes me feel so happy and I hope you continue to read with us and keep inspiring me.

So, the bit in the blog post I'd never thought I'd be writing. After the Instagram story I sent out today I just wanted to inform all you lovely readers and future customers our plans and regulations. Business is still operating and running at the Femme HQ - I have pre-bought all I need to be able to get issues out to you in quality and on time. Of course, we all have no clue what's around the corner, so all I can do as Editor is keep you all informed. All our email subscribers and annual subscribers for the physical magazine will receive emails when we know of any changes to our system either with the postal service or our stock deliveries. One of our new retailers, Parnaby's in Malton, have already shut, and I hope the girls are staying safe, so if you want to purchase from them they are now doing a door to door delivery service with free postage - just drop them a message on social media or give them a call on 01653 693070 to purchase an issue. Wild & Westbrooke are still open, so if your in the city feel free to stop off and purchase there as I know they are trying to provide all their customers with opportunity to still visit the shop. As of yet I have sent out all orders we have and are continuing to send out orders as normal so don't worry we are sending Femme love out still! For those isolating we send direct via the postal service to your door so all you need to do is order online - I think during these difficult periods its important to find ourselves, stay healthy and keep our minds open and the best way to do this is through reading. Reading keeps our minds and bodies alive especially if what were reading relates to us - local features and real life stories are what we love giving to you all and even through this difficult time we are still going to achieve this for you all. I have already started work on the Summer Issue but will keep all our subscribers up to date on this as I have had to change plans regarding meet up and interviews - but the most positive thing I can say in this current stage of the situation is that my willpower is to make sure you all get your seasonal issues! For anyone with free time during this period and who maybe haven't purchased Femme, give us a go we might just cure your isolation boredom!

Stay safe my lovely readers, stay in touch and isolate healthily!

Lots of Love,

Brontë x

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