Teaming up with Hartwell Countrywear

The details that make a difference

Usually when I start the production of a next issue I have a few brands in mind that I want to contact and showcase. To my surprise, in January of this year I was contacted by a brand I’d seen on many Instagram posts but scrutinised fully, Hartwell Countrywear. I had always wondered where these colourful, bright patterns I’d seen scrolling on my feed has derived from and my answer was sent directly to me! My journey with Hartwell began with Laurence, who runs the day to day business and marketing of Hartwell, to get Hartwell featured in the upcoming Spring Issue 2020. Through many phone calls, messages and emails we were on our way to creating a four page feature. We must’ve tweaked the feature and altered everything so many times as our drive to get the feature and photography perfect kept increasing. I knew it was important to tell the story of Hartwell centering it around its designer, Monica Sassoon, whilst showcasing their gorgeous Spring/Summer apparel. It was important that we highlighted the attention to detail in the shirts as this is what sets aside Hartwell from many the brands. When myself and Laurence were looking over the new collection of shirts, dresses and blazers I was astonished at how many designs they has, I just kept scrolling and scrolling and I remember thinking everybody is spoilt for choice here – there’s a shirt for everyone’s desires! My favourite still has to be The Grace Floral Blouse which I spoke of highly in the Spring Issue. It soon came to me, that I wanted more space in the magazine for this feature and as you may have seen if you have the issue it is a six page feature! I just had to, with the amount of stunning photography I was receiving via email I wanted to feature it all! So, we aimed to get as many photos into the six pages as we could to mirror the amount of shirt designs Hartwell were creating.

What I also loved about Hartwell was the relationship and bond they create with their retailers. As they don’t sell all of their stock online it’s important they give their stockists designs that will adhere to their customers. Hartwell are always putting their consumers first designing particular shirts for their women and sending them to the retailers that need them so these women can purchase. By creating this close-knit relationship with their retail partners they can connect directly to the customers and supply the correct apparel to accommodate their consumers needs. What I also love is that as I said in the feature Hartwell are ‘not solely ticking the country box’ through this quote I explained that whilst they do have gorgeous country based designs such as the ‘Beige Pheasants’ and ‘Snaffle’ shirts they have printed for S/S some new wildlife designs such as the ‘Lydia Giraffe’ and ‘Layla Navy Beetles’ which contrast dramatically in colour and composition to their other themes. Monica’s attention to innovation and detail is what makes Hartwell, Hartwell and why women love them so much.

We also teamed up on two competitions; one on our release giveaway on Instagram and one which is still running on an exclusive reader competition – if you would like to enter purchase the Spring Issue 2020 here and follow the instructions when you receive you’re issue and check this out inside our pages! We’ll let you guess which shirt you have the chance of winning!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds with our relationship with Hartwell but in the meantime if you fancy any of these shirts yourself get in touch with Hartwell or check out their website at I know during this isolation period they are selling some shirts online as well as new gift cards! I’ll leave you with this video promoting everything Hartwell Countrywear and it features some of their amazing products including some new designs!

Stay Safe!

Brontë Clare


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