Summer Issue 2020: What's Inside?

I have promoted many sneak peaks for this issue as I have found it difficult not to, but not with the launch of the Summer Issue 2020 dated for tomorrow, of course I had to reveal all the brands inside the pages.

This magazine has a very special place within my heart and with everything surrounding us at the moment, I felt a bit of escapism was needed for this issue. I want you all reading to feel immersed within the gorgeous country community as we shed a light on the labels creating stunning collections, all the individuals maintaining relationships and to everyone who is staying strong. So, without further or do let's dive in and release who will be filling out our features and all of the surprises for this season.



With the release of their Adira bag, of course we had to get them in the Femme Country pages! We delve into the heart and designs of their bags and how they can be styled in contrasting fashions. Expect to witness gorgeous palettes and stunning montages as we guide you through the Salthouse brand.


We take a socially distanced virtual talk with Travel Blogger, Laura Mark, and chat all about how she has been adapting to new lockdown life. We thought you might all be missing your holidays, and this feature certainly gives some inspirational for travelling in the future and how we might go about it differently. Take an imaginary trip down the sands with Laura, you won't get regret it.


There's a name that's been flittering around on social media and finally we get to release who it is. Feathers & Game are a brand new apparel label showcasing their new collection in our pages. With much love for their designs their aim is to be incorporated with other country fashions names, which we love!


This feature is one that excites me so much! I'm going to keep this one on the hush as it does include a partnership with another major brand... any guesses? But anything Schöffel, Femme Country loves!


One of my favourite features of this issue, I am so excited to announce that we are one of the first magazines to promote their new collection... and this is an article not to be missed! Featuring some stunning campaign photography, this feature takes up over five pages and it had me on their website in minutes today when they released the full collection! I've sneaked one photo in this blog as I couldn't resist!


At Femme Country we are obsessed with country venues, so of course when we were planning a wedding shoot cover we had to choose The Manor Rooms. An elegantly built constructed barn with wooden decor and sleek manner perfect for any reception or party. Expect some amazing photography from Stewart Barker in this feature of the interior and exterior, it'll have you planning ahead for your events next year!


An issue doesn't go by without featuring our fave country brand, Fairfax & Favor. I was excitingly surprised at the new collection and couldn't wait to get everything added to my cart! With their campaign taking place in Dubai we showcase why the new collections are worthy and what new items they have delved into.


Supporting small is so big right now, and we encourage it highly with this brand! Touch of Tweed continue to create unique apparel and for our Summer Issue they comment on their sustainability, British made quality and the importance of tweed in fashion. They have created a twist within the tweed industry, so get ready to see how!


An unfamiliar name to some, to others a go to jeweller. Seen on Meghan Markle, Emily's magnificent Hera Collection stands above the rest and has the ability to shine through our pages. We hope you'll be adding their collection to your wishlist after this feature! Definitely check them out before reading, you'll be in for a glamorous shock!


This is a brand and woman who is very close to us at the moment. Amanda creates

home-made ceramic accessories and designs and is currently partnering up with us for our Summer Launch. Anyone who annually subscribes with us during the release of the Summer Issue will be receiving a personalised tag made by her that will accompany your magazine. Seriously check out her social media pages and website as she is an extremely talented lady and deserves every shoutout!

Of course, we have many more individuals and names inside but I'll let you experience them first hand when your copy arrives! Today is the last day for pre-ordering the issue which you can do via our website by clicking HERE. For all those who purchase, you will receive your copies the week following the launch weekend, as we give a lot of time to making them perfect and gorgeous before we distribute to you all! But rest assured after tomorrow it won't be long at all! In the meantime, I shall see you all tomorrow for a socially distanced launch party for our Summer Issue 2020!

See you soon!

Lots of Love,

Brontë Clare x

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