FEMME release in Wild & Westbrooke

Updated: Feb 13, 2019


Never did I think that I would see the release of FEMME. From what started as student idea and an independent project back in 2017, I felt it was time for it's return. Now in 2019 it has become a published fashion, country and lifestyle magazine selling in York. After what seemed like endless shoots, write-ups, re-writes, editing it is everything (and more!) that I wanted it to be. Obviously, I couldn't have done this by myself as every hard working editor has a team behind them. Page 14 saw Charlotte Brown, one of the best country fashion bloggers I know, give us the low down of her 'New Year Country Fashion Resolutions' and what a fantastic read it is! Page 30 gave us a chance to meet Emily Smith, a highly talented fashion writer who focuses on urban fashion, current trends and travel. As well as my team of journalists, my models, the printing team at TIG and The Pipes family at Wild & Westbrooke have all put in so much effort to make FEMME the most fabulous magazine and I am truly thankful for all their support.

FEMME at Wild & Westbrooke

As you have read in the title, FEMME was released in Wild & Westbrooke on the 28th January and has been sold there ever since. Wild & Wildwestbrooke is a female country clothing, shoe and accessories store down Lendal Street in York, a full write up of how they opened and what they sell is featured in Spring Issue 1 of FEMME. So, if you're looking for an alternative magazine to delve into then I highly recommend visiting the store as not only can you purchase the mag but also have a shop through all their amazing apparel (sometimes I find it hard to stay out of the store!).

If you're more of a stay a home kind of person (much like me!) and you'd prefer to online order it, this can be don either through our website or just give us a direct message on Instagram and we'd be happy to sort you out with a copy or a subscription. As an ongoing magazine, we will be releasing four a year seasonly so you can keep track with trends, events and information beforehand, and you'll all be eager to know that ideas and edits for the Summer Issue 2 are already underway and I for one I'm so excited for the next one!

In the meantime keep up to date with ongoing fashion and country news and lifestyle posts online here! I can promise you'll never be out of something to read under FEMME!


Brontë Clare Mitchell

Editor in Chief

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