Introducing the sister magazine: Femme Petite

The portable, business magazine connecting you to founders in the country sector.

Wow where do I start? Firstly, welcome back everyone! I am delighted to be returning back to our blog page after a pretty intense and busy last half of 2020. Since we last spoke a lot has happened so, be prepared for a lot of surprises during this post! It's finally Friday so grab a drink (you deserve one!), secure a seat and let's get going!

January sparked a lot of business for us at Femme Country. With the feedback from last year magazines hitting if off and the results received from brands I made sure we we're prepared for every step as we entered 2021. With the vaccine rolling out as we speak, everyday the boundaries separating us up and down the country are being broken down. However, with the inevitability that our favourite shows may alert the postponed sign, it was imperative that at Femme Country we engaged our gears ready to assist businesses help fill a marketing space. Our passion was to continue to showcase all your favourite brands and bring you closer to their new collections and immediate news. Moving into Spring/Summer my team and I are even more eager and ambitious to get magazines into your hands and keep you connected to the country world outside of your home.

In preparation for our Spring Issue 2021 release in March, I have been working with some exceptional names for our interior pages and I am extremely passionate about the cover but, you're just going to have to wait a little longer for this to be revealed (I know how annoying!)

Since October 2020 my mind has been focused on a new magazine innovation which I am delighted to now be revealing to you! I have been planning to release a new publication for a while now but was uncertain of a theme to drive for. I had no intentions of sweeping away from the country theme at all and I knew I wanted the purpose of the magazine to be used physically everyday rather than placed on the coffee table as a commodity. If you're like me I adore portable notebooks, handbag diaries and cute small stationary! I envisioned the new magazine created to a new contemporary mini form in contrast to the standard A4 editorial size. Sat at my desk for hours on end and up until 1am in bed, I worked tirelessly. With feedback from you lovely readers, features I knew you wanted to read about and imagery you loved viewing I finally fashioned the end result.

I am so proud to introduce to you 'Femme Petite,' the portable, business magazine connecting you to founders in the country sector. Femme Country Magazine brought you into the world of retail, fashion collections, brand stories, interiors and much more. Where Femme Country allows you to envision yourself inside the country aura. Femme Petite allows you to gain insight into the behind the scenes work of the founders that brought you your favourite labels. Our upcoming magazine allows you to correlate and seize their inspiration as well as understand the hurdles alongside their initiatives. With an A5 size, Femme Petite is a portable, business diary in the form of a magazine working to inspire and assist your business planning and, help you connect to the country brands you love on a much personal level. From intimate founder interviews to guidance on starting your own label, we've made a magazine to stimulate your business senses and activate your drive in the country sector.

Femme Petite is the perfect handbag size.

What makes this magazine different? For the first time in the Femme Country timeline we have developed two contrasting and unique covers for you to choose from when purchasing. Choose the cover that reflects your personality and the brand you love. Discover young entrepreneur, Ellie Wales, founder of Whale of a Time Clothing. Launching the brand whilst at sixth form we talk to the girl who went from an office in her living room to two warehouses. Or explore the world of Hicks & Brown, as we sit down with founders and sisters Alice Turner and Rosie Leet-Cook to uncover their country to city lifestyles and receiving royal approval on their fedoras. Don't worry about what's inside as no matter which cover you choose both magazines contain the same interior pages and stories detailing about both brands!

As a female who started with a simple idea on paper back in 2018, I looked up to other women in the industry and captivated every ounce of drive, originality and imagination I could. I don't see people as competition, I recognise each individual as a link in a chain of connectivity with which to seek advice, inspiration and laughter from. I hope Femme Petite will introduce you to that spark of creativity inside you that just says "go for it!"

Femme Petite will be available to purchase TOMORROW SATURDAY 20TH FEBRUARY from our website at 12pm, Midday. Set your clocks and mark the date as I have a feeling these mini's will be flying off our shelves!

Love, Brontë

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