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Hello everyone! I am really excited to be writing for the ‘Femme Magazine’blog. This blog is all about the importance of buying from local businesses and small businesses.

It is really important to support small businesses because the money goes towards helping support an individual and often their family too. You could be helping send the children to ballet classes or allowing birthdays to be extra special. Buying locally produced products also gives something back to the local economy too, as well as supporting your friends and neighbours and making your area a better one.

I’m going to be talking about a few of my favourite small businesses and a few of them are fairly local to York too.

The one you all will be familiar with is ‘Wild & Westbrooke’, set in the heart of York. You’ll have heard all about this amazing shop in the first issue of ‘Femme Magazine’. With the friendliest staff and a gorgeous collection of country clothing, what’s not to love? I recently got my Morris Richardson watch from them and have been eyeing up the beautiful Holland Cooper jackets. They also sell a large range of Fairfax and Favor products. I’m currently saving up for the Suede Reginas and wouldn’t mind a handbag to match either!

Whilst we’re in the city, let’s talk about the wonderful ‘York Gin’ company. As a gin lover, I like to sample various types of the spirit and I really love the taste of their high quality gin. It’s perfect with cold tonic or lemonade and a slice of lime. There are a few different flavours, and I’d really love to try

the Roman Fruit flavour.

Another gin company I love (I’m starting to sound a bit like an alcoholic here…!) is ‘Mason’s Yorkshire Gin’. This is distilled in Bedale which is really local to where I live at home. I guess I’m rather lucky to have a local gin company for when I’m at home and one for when I’m at uni! Mason’s do several flavours as well, including a tea flavoured gin which is quite cool plus it tastes really good too!

It would be wise to have some food with all this gin, so why not have a think about where you buy your meat? Do you go to a local butcher for your steak? What about a local supermarket? If you buy from a supermarket are you sure you’re buying quality British meat? I truly believe that supporting local farmers is really important and buying from local butchers is better than from supermarkets (for the local economy and for your tastebuds!)

We buy our meat from ‘Beavers Butchers’in Masham, which is owned by my Father’s friend Richard Welford. From pork pies to pork scratchings, and with over 35 flavours of sausage, Beavers have all the meat you could wish for.

Finally, going slightly more local to my home in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, let’s talk about cheese. I’m very lucky to live so close to where the original Wensleydale cheese is made. The Wensleydale Creamery is in Hawes and has two cafes, a gift shop, a cheese tasting room and ‘The Cheese Experience’. Contributing £12m to the local economy annually, this business shows how important it is to buy local.

Have a think about some of the businesses in your area. Could you do more to support them? What about small businesses online? I have found so many amazing companies through Instagram and the world of blogging and I will be featuring some of them in an upcoming article on my blog.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time,


(AKA That Mardy Yorkshire Lass)

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