Holland Cooper: New Season Apparel

If you’re like me then anytime Jade releases or even teases a new product of Holland Cooper excitement begins to increase inside of me. And if you haven’t heard or seen via Instagram or online yet then which fashion rock have you been living under?

HC’s new Spring/Summer 19 collection which was released at the beginning of March brings an aesthetic of new fashion life to the season and a unique symbolic meaning to Spring. Jade has enforced a new life of colour, shade, texture and pattern into this collection and it is everything we could ever want for our wardrobe for this season. With our weather constantly changing from cold blistery cycles to cloud free sunny days she has created a range of apparel to adapt to any weather condition. From light weight capes to gorgeous above the knee shirts to tailored coats the collections fits all. The colour palette jade has gone with identifies with light and cool tones including a blue lavender, a speckled baby pink and a darker graphite grey.

Whilst the lighter colours give off the appearance of seeing the darker colours which can be seen in the Kempton Coat and Hacking Jackets give an alternate option and perhaps more sleek look for different occasions. Online, all the tailored coats and jackets can be seen partnered with slick white jeans again giving a lighter look to the season. Jade has also pictured the two skirts with a white leather HC belt, now we already know that there is a range of belts including a black one therefore could this be a new edition to the collection? I’d like to think so! Returning to the collection anyway I have to say my favourite piece is the Kempton Coat in Anniversary Pink. The Anniversary colour has been used many times before in the Knightsbridge blazer and coat but never before has it been seen in the capes or skirts and now it has people are loving it. Jade has brought a different blend of tweed into Holland Cooper separating herself from the average tweed brands on the market.

Now as we all know Cheltenham Festival is one week away where Jade will be holding a stand there representing HC and no doubt showing off the new Spring/Summer collection and I for one am ambitious to see it in person.

Lots of Love,

Brontë Clare

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