FEMME Summer Issue Cover reveal

After a lot of hard work and editing we are finally pleased to reveal the front cover of our gorgeous Summer Issue and the second issue of Femme.

With the lovely Charlie Barley as our front cover star she captivates perfectly in one image the aura of Summer. Whilst we are trying desperately to not give anything away about whats inside this issue, we've left you with our sub headlines on the front cover and Charlie styling the Mackenzie & George Drayton Feather Belt in Chestnut.

We want to reach out to more of you with the Summer Issue and patterning with such an array of talented contrasting individuals and businesses this issue have allowed us to do this. After our Spring Issue we wanted to dive further and release an issue that doesn't just speak country but that highlights everything about Yorkshire as well as the city we love, York. I myself have loved putting this issue together and although at times it has been a little stressful the end result I'm sure will be amazing and I can't wait to see the issue in your hands.

As the mag isn't finished yet we are making sure that nothing is released beforehand apart from the cover but expect to see snippets of surprises along the journey to release. We. are also expanding where you can purchase Femme from as it was evident that people inside Yorkshire as well as in York wanted to get their hands on it. So, we are working with a few stores to see the possibility of selling Femme further. However, you can always purchase straight through us via our blog, Instagram, Email or contact number.

Our amazing team of writers including Charlotte Brown, Emily Smith and Carla Leanne have written some amazing features and continue to work super hard for Femme and to get it where it is today and I for one am very proud of the bigger community we are becoming. Plus with our friends over at Wild & Westbrooke who have helped us increase our popularity and allowed us to reach a wider readership it just proves how close knit our country business community is.

So, we hope you can hang on a little longer until for the Summer Issue I know we are attempting! Expect to see dates for the release being made public soon and in no time the issue will be in your hands! We hope you'll love it just as much as we do!

All my love,

Brontë Clare Mitchell

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