Facebook Event Tonight

I am delighted to announce the launch of Femme Petite, the portable, business magazine connecting you to founders in the country sector.

Femme Petite is now live and ready to be placed into your palms! Head over to our website to purchase the brand new publication and choose your preferred cover! I am predicting these issues to fly from our shelves so grab them while they're sparkling new!

Plus, for the first time in our Femme Country timeline we will be hosting a Facebook live launch event tonight at 7pm! So, grab a drink and secure a seat for a night full of magazine exclusivity, laughter and a chance to buy all of our issues! I did imagine this launch differently I am so excited to be able to interact with you all over a few drinks!

Click the link below and join us at 7pm! ♥️

Head over to our personal shop to choose the issue you'd like buy!

See you all later tonight!

Brontë x

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