Exclusive: The Living Style Desk Pad

Introducing… The Femme Country Desk Pad

Our magazine has brought all of our readers joy, laughter, insight and relaxation but now it’s time to introduce something new to our collection. When I started contemplating on an exclusive product to release, I knew I wanted it to be an inscribed and printed product, just like our magazines. I wanted the product to allow you to interact, compose and record your ideas giving you a medium to amplify your words and concepts on. This is where The Living Style Desk Pad came alive. I have created an A3 size (double the size of the magazine!) landscape desk pad for you to jot, doodle, list, note, scribble and create on. Containing 50 sheets of paper, you can use the desk pad daily, weekly or even monthly to capture your thoughts, ideas and admirations. I wanted to add sections that corresponded to our magazine for example, fashion, lifestyle and planning which I will go through each section very soon. If you’re reading this you would have seen the social media release for the Desk Pad, which we did on Instagram, where I mentioned you can now pre-order our gorgeous pad over on our website ‘Buy A Copy.’ Anyway, enough of me chatting! Let me show you what the Femme Country Desk Pad has to offer!

The Living Style Desk Pad is decorated with a pale pomegranate pink colour throughout. I felt this shade brought a sense of brightness with a slight refined tone and when merged onto the sheets it appears more sleek than intense. The purpose of the pad is to allow you to keep active, prepared and organised. The classified sections grant you to do this in your own unique style! I was always on the lookout for a pad that co-ordinated both fashion, life planning and that gave me encouragement, I think this pad does all of these. Made to sit on your desk, to be put on the wall or even by your beside it is designed to be right by you at home or at work to support you with planning and decision making.

Fashion Appetite Agenda

As a fashion magazine we are constantly listing, describing and showcasing clothes directly in front of you! I wanted to create a physical space where you can list all the apparel you desire and wish to buy. I tend to keep a list of apparel I would like in my notes on my phone but, when it comes to ordering online, I forget about them! The Fashion Appetite Agenda (pictured top left) allows you to keep a list of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories you are looking to buy or that you desire. This allows you to write down directly what apparel you’re craving from brands as soon as you’ve spotted it! You could even have different brand lists per page. For example, a Fairfax & Favor list then a Clare Haggas list… it’s endless! You could also have different apparel lists per page arranging the clothes you want into categories; I know a Blazer Appetite Agenda would definitely be on my pad! The Appetite Agenda is filed with hearts as the bullet points to capture what you really love.

Sparkling not Sweating

Now, I think many will agree with me when I say this but, I have no enthusiasm when it comes to working out. I have to plan ahead of the week what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it. I like to consider getting fit a diverse form of entertainment as there isn’t just one way to work out. Especially now, organising my own get fit regime is important as we are moving less and less. By tracking your fitness plan not only can you increase your motivation, but you can organise your rest days (definitely plural in my case!) The section of the Living Style Desk Pad (pictured bottom left) is one of my favourites. The dashed lines allow you to write down your choice of regime, moves and times. The circles are labelled for every day of the work, they allow you to colour in what days you achieved this or which days your planning to work out in throughout the week. The different lines can also act as a full workout for example, you could put a workout rep on each line for every day. On my pad the Saturday’s and Sunday’s never see the colouring in part!

Self-Care List

During busy days of work, it’s hard to find time for yourself. It’s imperative we look after our bodies, skin and mental health and so this section (pictured middle left) is dedicated to you ladies. The petal bullet points allow you to create your own me time. Whether that be your skin care routine, the list of books and magazines you want to read, recipes you want to create or planning trips for after lockdown! I put the Self-Care List next to the stunning image of the coffee cup with a love heart in as I wanted this to be the relax and rewind section of the pad fit for you hard working ladies.

Social Media Content

If you plan your social media content this section (pictured top middle) is a godsend. If you don’t it might give you some inspiration when you have no idea what to post. I dedicated this section to everyone; businesses, bloggers, individuals, groups, social media businesses and people who just love to use interactive platforms. The area is decorated with a chart of 16 boxes and devotes itself to four of our favourite mediums; Instagram, Facebook, Email/Website and Twitter. Sometimes, I find it easier to plan ahead for the week with items that I’m going to post, the Living Style Desk Pad allows your social media arrangements to be right next to you at your desk and when you want to post. I especially use this table to arrange what emails I’m going to send to my subscribers through the Femme Country Magazine website and what blog posts will be upcoming. For many businesses on Instagram, giveaways, brand product posts or even ambassador posts is difficult, and again I end up doing it all on my phone, so this section allows you to plan before you post!

Weekly Goals

This category is by far the most important when it comes to planning anything from work and home jobs to food shopping trips. Every day, we all have tasks that need to be done and by organising these it sets up a positive mood to achieve and complete. The square boxes act as a tick boxes to empower fulfilment when your task is done! By scheduling, it sets you up to accomplish and feel amazing. This section of the pad is aimed to give you mental determination right next to you on your desk so you can keep adding, ticking and completing. There isn’t a better stationary feeling than ticking what you’ve done off! This section allows you to work to your own time and not make you feel like you have to get through everything all at once. As I’ve learnt many tasks, especially ideas and concepts, need to be done leisurely and in one’s own time… it makes all the difference to the end product. The pad was designed with a blank canvas in order to let your own style of workflow in your own speed and manner.

My Memo

Let your mind get creativity here! Like a notepad, the memo is there for expression, comments and pastime! It acts as a pad if you’re on the phone and need to record important information. You can write your very own weekly journal on it. You can scribble, colour and draw on it for inspiration if you’re looking for motivation. There are endless uses to this section (pictured bottom right). I love using my pink pens on this section to match the whole pad. Although, each section is printed and organised it is yours, which means if you want to keep it organised and neat you can, but you can also clutter and transform the pad to be your own mind map. The areas around the sections are all plain white for you to do whatever you would like with… so get creative! I know a lot of you readers don’t like to scribble on your magazines in fear of them being ruined and so by creating the Living Style Desk Pad I encourage you to transfer your ideas from the magazine all over this!

The quote that pictures towards the bottom of the pad is presented throughout the pad. It is there to encourage determination and strength as you can achieve anything with hard work, some stationary and lots of laughter! It inspires you to be you and not to be afraid of it, you’re all smart, independent and gorgeous individuals! Which is what the pad defines in its entirety. The pad is now live for all of you ladies, and it is currently and exclusive item! Priced at just £30 for the whole pad of 50 sheets you can finish off your desk with our stunning new Femme Country art stationary product! I have linked The Living Style Desk Pad below and pictures will be coming up live on Instagram very soon featuring lifestyle pictures of the pad in use!


Hope you're all keeping safe and well, feel free to email or direct message me on any of our social medias about anything! During this time more than ever I'm keeping close contact with you all!

Brontë Clare x

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