Karl Lagerfeld: The Fashion King

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Karl Lagerfeld

Today will certainly go down in history as a sad day for the fashion world. Since the death of Karl Lagerfeld, 85, Creative Director of 'Chanel' and self named brand 'Karl Lagerfeld, was reported this morning Instagram was bombarded with striking pictures of the dominant fashion designer whilst fashion followers around the world paused in silence to respect Lagerfeld and his prominent work within the fashion industry.


For some Karl Lagerfeld may be an unknown name, to others he is the iconic King of Fashion. Born in Hamburg, Germany, Lagerfeld was brought up within a wealthy family. At the age of just fourteen, he moved to Paris and entered his sketches and fashion drawings, and fabric samples into the International Wool competition. After taking first place within the coat category he meet a fellow winner Yves Saint Laurent thus beginning his long reign in fashion. The coat was then produced by Pierre Balmain and Lagerfeld was made his assistant at the age of seventeen.

By the 1980's Lagerfeld has grown massively within the fashion sphere and in the lives of many individuals. 1983 stormed the year in which Lagerfeld was named the artistic director of everyones favourite brand Chanel and just the year after he started up his own label which was self titled. His own brand was made to design items with the style and appearance of Haute Couture but were sold at prices which were affordable. For me the brand has grown with confidence and style and with the power fo Lagerfeld it has been developed and built from a small fashion building to a fashion house with the largest family you could ask for.

The legend of fashion doesn't begin to cover who he is as a person either. Friends, colleagues and fashion brands took to social media to discuss just how much the man with the sunglasses meant to them. Donatella Versace wrote "Karl your genius touched the lives of so many, especially Gianni and I. We will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration. We were always learning from you" meanwhile Lily Rose Depp, one of the faces of Chanel and true friend to Lagerfeld paid tribute saying "Cher Karl, the world will never know another force like you... I feel so lucky have been able to work with you so closely, but even luckier to have known your heart and incredible spirit." To hear such respect and adoration being spoken about a man of such legendary accomplishments is truly remarkable especially in todays society where an array of artists are making breakthroughs into same career.

Creative Director of Chanel & Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld was continuously in the headlines of papers and online articles due to his fashion controversy and his dominant personality however, it is his nature, snobbiness and assertive charm that got him to where he was and in the powerful role he filled. With quotes regarding Adele, anorexic models and tacky brands he has brought a fair amount of hustle and bustle onto the front covers of magazines. I myself find him extremely witty, he doesn't disguise or camouflage his feelings and opinions. To have honest designers in today's society with a key eye to change the world for the good is a rare thing to find, yet in Karl Lagerfeld we have.

So, although his death was the key subject in todays fashion news, he has created styles and unique ideas that will be carried on and developed in centuries to come. His name will remain in the fashion headlines and will never die as he takes with him his pride, cocky sense of humour and ultimate polished sense of style. There were always a set of kind eyes behind those dark lensed expensive sunglasses.

Lots of Love,

Brontë Clare

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