Chaos to Calm: Work, Family, Home Life

Hi Sue here!

Helping you create Calm from Chaos.

My business is called Simply Organised Life, I work with clients decluttering & organising their workspaces & homes, deliver Organising Workshops, giving

presentations to groups and host events such as my Swap ‘til you drop – clothes swapping events. We were featured in Femme Country's Spring Issue that has just been released and now I'm back via their blog to give you some tips. Three weeks ago, I launched The Helpful Hub to share ideas to help you through these challenging times. The process of decluttering and getting organised is a therapeutic process, why not try to embrace it, even enjoy it?

I have put together a selection of ideas to help you with your work, family and home life.

Let’s start in the Kitchen - Here are a few tips.

o Food Stock – How do you what you need if you don’t know what you have. Make a list of your freezer & fridge contents, keep updating and get creative with your recipes. Taking stock will help you take back some control.

o Five days from production to consumption - I learnt this a million years ago at catering college and it has served me well! Basically, as long as you use in date ingredients and store your prepared food properly (usually in the fridge) then you have 5 days from the day of preparation to the day of consumption.

o Freeze sliced bread - yup I freeze my sliced loaves and just take whatever I need, when I need it! It’s easier to butter frozen bread, packed lunches are already chilled!

o Always store bananas alone - they ripen other fruit too quickly and other fruit ripens them too quickly.

o Create a weekly menu, check your stock and shop accordingly – takes away tthe 3pm panic of what’s for dinner!

Let’s get practical and create/check a First Aid box area.

o Gather all your medicines together from the first aid boxes, bathroom and kitchen cupboards and your travel first aid kit.

o Sort through contents - dispose of anything out of date - make a note of any essential items that need replacing.

o Unopened, unused and out-of-date medicines should be returned to pharmacies for disposal. Inhalers should not be put in the waste bin as they contain gases which are harmful to the environment. Instead they can be recycled at any pharmacy.

o Return them to a pharmacy or chemist for safe disposal.

o Place everything back in the most accessible location - could be a high cupboard in the kitchen or bathroom in a storage box / crate.

o I have a box for children only, one for adults & one for all ages. Plus, one for the dogs.

o Always store away from the reach of children and vulnerable adults.

Let’s move upstairs to the bedroom

o Sorting your wardrobe - A simple way to start - Turn ALL the hangers in your wardrobe around, over the next three months as you put clothes back in, put them back normally. After the three months, you will be able to see what you wear and what you don’t.

o Now to let go of those clothes! Clothes don’t have feelings - they won’t care about being donated.

o It’s about who you are now - if they don’t fit get rid of them. Don’t torment yourself.

o There is no such thing as a lucky jacket - you got the job because you are you.

o Nobody will notice it you have only 4 plain T-shirt’s in assorted colours.

o Donating feels great - knowing someone get more use of your clothes and the charity you donated to receives a financial contribution.

o The memories will stay even after the clothes have gone. Why not consider having a memories teddy bear made from the treasured clothes.

o Have clothes for the life you live now - if you are a stay at home mum - do you need five business suits in the wardrobe.

o Once you have streamlined your wardrobe, it will be full of clothes you love and feel great in. On a Sunday why not plan your outfits for the week – I appreciate that might be day & night pyjamas at the moment!

And, finally let’s go outside

o Six easy tasks to get your garden ready for a spring

o Cut the lawn. Use a treatment for weeds, moss and to fertilise.

o Sweep and tidy up. Save the leaves to put on your compost heap.

o Weeding - Get a start on it now.

o Clean your outdoor furniture - Give it a scrub or jet wash.

o Light prune bushes - leave the big stuff for later in the year.

o Plan you planting - you can order plants on line from small businesses or wait for the nurseries to reopen.

If you would like more ideas, hacks or downright practical solutions - Follow me on my social medias below. If you need my help with any projects, I am happy to hold a virtual decluttering session with you!

Feel free to contact me 07540 828941

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