Autumn Catch Up

I’d like to call this blog feature an update as I feel I have a lot to discuss and tell you guys after the release of the Autumn Issue, and whilst that was epic of course I have for you brand new information in regards to the Winter Issue! This year has been a whirlwind, with the popularity of Femme slowly increasing since January I feel like I have created a family and a community with you readers being at the heart of it. Our Spring Issue brought newness, our Summer Issue introduced character and our Autumn Issue brought small businesses alive… all I can say is we’re ending the year with fireworks for our Winter and final issue of 2019. In the meantime I bring to you our highlights from the recent Autumn Issue.

Autumn Launch Party with Scott Henshall

Scott Henshall was our shining star in the latest issue, not only giving us an exclusive on his new cashmere collection but also sharing personal details and interest allowing us to delve into his world. So, what a privilege to be able to host a night specifically for Femme in York for it’s Autumn issue with the man himself. It was a night full of chatter, cocktails and fun carnage as it gave me a chance to introduce my writers, stockists and brands to one another through a night of partying. With Fancy Hanks holding the setting for our night, the team there made us feel right at home and with banners and scattered magazines it was a night to celebrate the issue and everyone involved in it. It was also a pleasure meeting new faces, such as Sharon and Kevin who run Mulberry Tree at Home, after communicating with them for so long it was lovely to actually stand face to face with them and commend them on their hard work both for Femme and with their own business. They have been a true asset to the magazine this issue and I hope to keep them close by during our journey.

One of my gorgeous writers, Charlotte Brown, who has worked with me since the very beginning is a god send! She writes the best features and always brings brand new ideas to the table. It was lovely to be able to introduce her to other who work closely beside me and show off her incredible work in the magazines - it is always nice to put a face to the written work in the pages. Lexi is another writer and country girl who has helped so much with the Autumn Issue. Her feature entitled ‘Getting to know the girl behind the squares’ enlightened so many our readers and opened us all up to the real BeautyintheCotswolds who we love! She is a must follow on Instagram and I hope she continues to stay close to Femme and she is a true asset to our social media country community. Our featured brands have also been a major showcase with our Autumn Issue, this season we have featured James Grace Devon, The Finer Horse, Ellen Wilson Designs, Mark Lloyd Jewellery and Vantage Atelier who featured on our cover. All of our brands have worked so closely with us and I can only continue to thank them for all the giveaways, features and ideas for the magazine, when everything comes together in print it really puts into perspective how amazing the brands are and my team.

I’d also like to make a special mention to Wild & Westbrooke in York who have continued to sell the Autumn Issues and been a fabulous stockist since the beginning, I think the true family of Femme lies within them as well as I know how much my readers love entering the shop, it’s nearly impossible to not buy anything when you’re inside! Laura, founder of W&W, attended our launch party and with the Femme and shop banners side by side the atmosphere was really heightened. Scott obviously boosted the atmosphere, chatting to everyone from The Yorkshire Partridge to Shuttle Socks I think it was time to network and really get to know the people who work for the magazine and, like Scott, who have been featured. As our interview story, it was lovely for him to be there and as you could tell from our Instagram a lot of pics and vids were taken and with multiple cocktails going down it was obvious which were the end of the night pics! I have put an array of images from the night on the blog so you can have a flick through! We’ll see what the future holds in terms of launch parties, I would love to get some of you lovely readers involved, so keep your eyes and ears peeled as this could become a thing!

Autumn Orders

We received so many pre-orders and orders during the release of the Autumn Issue which was amazing! To have so many of you notice us on Instagram, on our website or by word of mouth makes everything so worth while as all our aim is to do is make entertaining and enlightening content for everyone. Out of everything I’ve done, Femme has to be my most treasured item, its my baby. The Autumn Issue has been a special one especially with the exclusive from Scott Henshall it has opened up our readership and our following has continued to increase. Having put myself on the cover (a thing I would never have considered at the beginning) I think it has opened Femme up a bit more and made myself more connected to the magazine as I wrote in my editors letter. We have increased our packaging quality and with every issue sent out I have personally written a note as well as included little gifts here and there! I know that for our Winter Issue there is something special going into every issue so look out for sneak peaks on Instagram. Our subscriber number has gone up and I can only promise our quality of content will continue to rise as we go into 2020. I know that along with the Autumn Issue I have sent loads of Spring and Summer magazines as you all want to collect your collection from the beginning and with this only happening at the third issue, it really is amazing to see.

Cashmere and Magazine Giveaway

On the 21st October we released a very special announcement of a giveaway collaborating with Scott Henshall, Mark Laing Cashmere, Lady Victoria Hervey and Mark Lloyd Jewellery. It was the best success, with hundreds of you getting involved and tagging one another! It certainly allowed us to get in touch with new readers and allow you all to win your own cashmere jumper and Autumn Issue! With Michael P Comerford winning it certainly was lovely to see so much support from everyone and we hope he loves his issue as much as all our readers do. It was something which we had only ever done on a small scale with our giveaway for the Autumn release with Mulberry Tree at Home and with that being such a success it was obvious we were going to do it again!

Scott Henshall in John Laing Cashmere

Femme Magazine Instagram

Our Instagram is currently at over 700 followers and growing and in just a year I personally think that is outstanding and it means so much for me to see all of you liking and interested in whatever we post both on our page and our stories. I adore when you post pictures with your issues, it lightens up my day to know that my work is in your hands and is loved by you all. It makes all my long nights so worth while! I am constantly seeing which picture I’m going to repost to show the rest of the followers as some of you go above and beyond with the pics which is fabulous. At home I frame my originals issues and prints on the wall and to know that a lot of you start your collections and then post pics to show us is beyond the best thing I could see on social media.

Winter Issue Spoilers!

So, onto our Winter Issue and I have been working on this before I even started the Autumn one! All I can say is it is going to be full of Christmas delights, brands and even a sprinkle of food in there… which is brand new to Femme. We also have new writers to introduce so keep an eye on Instagram for the name release. Pre-orders will be open soon as the release date will be some time mid-December so you might have to wait just a little to get on the pre-order list. I am so impatient, especially with release days, I just want to release everything now however I know that even as we are 6 Sundays away from Christmas the date will come soon! Of course my writer Charlotte Brown will be writing another gorgeous feature and returning to write for Femme again is Carla Leanne. After her interview with Karen McConnell it was only right that she write for our Winter Issue, and we can’t wait to drop some spoilers here there and everywhere for you all. I have also taken on an amazing artists from Instagram to incorporate something special into the issue, but I’m staying very hush on that area as I want it to be a special surprise however knowing me it’ll probably end up on Instagram!

Anyway, before I reveal everything to you all, which will happen if I keep typing, I shall leave you in suspense for the last issue of 2019. I look forward to hearing all your comments and keep following our Instagram page for details leading up to the release!

Lots of Love

Brontë Clare


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