An Interview With Anna Truesdale

Carla Leanne, a country girl from Kent and soon to be country writer for FEMME, dedicates her blog around all things country and uniquely pushes on getting female profiles out in the agricultural world. Her blog which contains sections such as, 'Country Girl of the Month' and 'An Interview with...' really put the perspective of a female career in the country world. Today she's taken this to our platform and believe me it's an interesting read!

Hi all,

Today is about country girl Anna you may know her for the Instagram stories that make you chuckle or go aww when you see a cute little lamb. Anna shows the struggles of uni and working on a farm and that any girl can do anything once you put your mind to it.

So, tell me a little more about yourself?

HI! My names Anna, I’m just about to turn 22 and I’m a dairy farmers daughter from County Down in Northern Ireland. My brother, my Dad and I all work together on the farm, milking cows and keeping sheep. I’m passionate about all thing’s agriculture and I’ve a thirst for knowledge. I love learning more about the industry that I’m involved in and I’m very lucky that I’m then able to share that with other like-minded people via Instagram.

What’s the best thing about doing Instagram?

The fact that I’m able to provide ‘a window into agriculture’ for people that perhaps hadn’t experienced it before! There are so many negativities around farming and the agricultural industry – being able to dispel any false information by giving people an honest view into the life of a farmer is one of my biggest drivers!

Also, the fact that I’m a woman doing it – Farming has for so long been classed as ‘a man’s job’, so it's pretty cool that I get to promote the industry from a female perspective.

What do you do outside the world of social media?

I’m in my final year of a BSc degree in Agricultural Technology so I’m currently battering my way through writing a dissertation and studying for my final exams! I’m also a member of my local Young Farmers club so I can often be found up to no good with that lot. And I’ve also got a great bunch of ‘non-farming’ friends and when I’m not working, we’ll go for little adventures, have coffee dates and shop!

What has made you so interested in the world of the country living?

For me, being in the country is truly cathartic. I love the pace of the countryside and the people who reside in it. Being a young person at a point in life where there are big decisions to be made, I can sometimes feel I’m walking around with the world on my shoulders. I love getting to the farm, putting the world away and getting on with my jobs – I think Doctors should prescribe more fresh air!

Why is Instagram your main platform?

I love photography and capturing farm life in all its glory. Instagram is really easy to use, I can snap and post in 5 seconds. Or else I can take a bit more time and edit my photos and videos with captions, little drawings and music.

What's your aim for this year?

This year I hope to graduate from my degree and start farming full time again. In terms of Instagram goals, I don’t really have any. My page has grown really organically over the last 2 years and its developed into such a nice, supportive community of like-minded people so I think I’ll just let it do its thing without trying to force any growth or big opportunities!

Something important to talk about...

WOMEN IN AG! I think it’s something I already talk about quite a lot, but I’m just so passionate about seeing other women succeed in this industry. Showing girls that we can do the jobs that the boys do! It’s such a fantastic industry to be a part of and I’d hate for any girls to miss out on a dream career for fear of not being able to keep up with the fellas.

What's one of your favourite pieces of country clothing and brand?

My go to ‘farm tour’ boots would have to be my Dublins! I always farm in a Rydale Gilet and I’m a sucker for anything striped and Joules.

What does the word country mean to you?

Freedom and fresh air

Any advice to anyone that wants to start in the farming world?

Get as much experience as possible – do it for free if you have to! Ask neighbours and use social media to showcase what you can do/are willing to learn. Go into it with an open mind and be open to lots of different aspects of farming.

University to study Agriculture?

DO IT! If all else fails, you’ll come out with a smashing group of friends – farmers are the best craic!! But seriously, I’d recommend any Ag course. I’ve learnt a lot from Uni in terms of the science behind farming, but also from my peers. I’m in a class of 40 and I don’t think any of us have the same farm setup/management system/way of doing things. The knowledge that I’ve picked up from them has been invaluable and I've definitely developed a more well-rounded approach to farming because of this.

How did the passion for farming come about?

I think I hit lucky and it’s just in my blood. I’ve been stomping about in welly boots from no age, always trying my absolute hardest to get as dirty as possible. I think I’ve got a very caring personality which obviously lends itself to be a good stockperson and then I’m also a total agricultural nerd. I can never learn enough, so I’m really driven to continuously absorb knowledge and then apply it on my farm!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Anna for taking part make sure to follow her on Instagram, @annatrues

Talk to you all soon,

Carla Leanne x

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