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Brontë Clare Mitchell

I feel extremely proud to be able to introduce you all to Femme! It has always been my dream to create a full fashion, country and lifestyle magazine to entertain, educate and enlighten you guys about everything from rural country homes to new fashion brands. As well as the magazine, Femme online was created to allow you to keep up to date with ongoing news, stories and pictures. I have grown up in the countryside all my life and have horses since I can remember and there's nothing more that I love then the country in the summertime. We have an array of talented writers and bloggers who write for Femme and I am thrilled that you too can now open up and read their work through both the magazine and the online blog.  

So dive in and have a scroll through the many features and photo collages Femme has to offer!

Much Love,

Brontë Clare


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Charlotte Brown

Country Feature Editor


Charlotte is a Country fashion and lifestyle blogger living in North Yorkshire and currently writing for FEMME. 


Poppi Lowe

Fashion Feature Writer


Poppi is a keen fashion journalist and aspiring writer who engages also with fashion photography and fashion lifestyle. She has a full time blog and Instagram dedicated to country fashion ~ give her a follow!


Carla Leanne

Country Feature Writer


Carla is a photographer and blogger dedicated to working within the country landscape. Living in Kent she has a lot of news from near and far to bring to Femme. 


Evie Atterby

Country Feature Writer


Evie is a born and bred Herefordshire girl who celebrates every aspect of living in the British Countryside both  on her blog and her Instagram. Her writing on the country not only informs others but educates them on our farming and country industry. 

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