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Femme Country Magazine footprint on all acres of country life. Our contents root deeply within showcasing all aspects of our lands. From advocating women in agriculture to enlightening a rural city readership, our pages set trends and shape the world in which we live in.

From our covers to our interior page design we translate true stories, showcase labels, initiate trend featurettes, formulate recipes and excite products.


Every magazine is woven with country life, fuelled with fervor and bought with spirit.

In fast changing times, we remain five steps ahead. Our style and integrity animates the Femme Country reader and enables them to contemplate, create and conquer.

Formed of a team of inspirational women, Femme Country invites females to embrace the role they have in the country sector. From farmers, to founders to fashion designers we concentrate on showcasing poignant stories and cutting-edge brands. We drive to make each reader feel as confident as the female faces staring back at them, who are striving to make their own footprint on the world. 


Meet the Editor

Brontë Clare Mitchell, Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist

Hey There! My story and admiration for fashion writing and marketing began at Condé Nast College of Fashion where I was introduced to Ellie Pithers, Vogue's Fashion Features Editor. Enticed in by the power that words have to showcase fashion, I was motivated to apply my confidence, expertise and editorial

knowledge to use.

I interned at Hearst Publications in London, working for 'Country Living Magazine'. My ability to diverge from different written forms together with my communication strengths contributed to an online piece, a lifestyle interview feature, and a food campaign with 'House Beautiful' working alongside MasterChef finalist Giovanna Ryan.


 I am now founder and owner of Femme Country Magazine, a fashion, lifestyle and country publication. I started the business at just 19 years of age with my roots laying balanced between city fashion writing and rural lifestyle journalism. I have since sparked growth, unique style and individuality into this fast growing magazine house. I manage a gorgeous team of ladies, communicate daily with established brands and PR companies, whilst engaging with a large readership, generating page and digital content. I absolutely love what I do and I hope you are all to join our community of country enthusiasts!